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Wholesale Investment Specialist


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Brisbane Queensland Australia

Executive Brief

A few years ago, this question got a hold of me…

“What if I could combine my passion for investing with my extensive sales experience?”

I’m doing quite well where I am so I tried to ignore it but it wouldn’t let me go. As I started to accept the idea, the question began to evolve… Now I’m asking myself…

“What could I accomplish by committing the rest of my life to being the most valuable BDM in the financial services industry?”

My question has become my quest. Now, I’m bringing my love for people, my passion for investing and over two decades of experience in sales, marketing and leadership to an iconic Australian fund manager. I’m showing up now in response to the marketing and sales executives’ most pressing question;

“How do we increase market share and drive new investment revenue in a rapidly shrinking sector against exceptional competition?”

With decades of experience as a career professional BDM, tough gigs like that are my specialty. What sets me apart comes down to three things…

  1. My ability to quickly acquire the deep technical knowledge that is required for success.
  2. My experience studying with world-class sales mentors.
  3. My uncommon work ethic and ability to sustain high output over time and distance.

This is what has allowed to me achieve outstanding results and produce remarkable value for my clients and employers as you’ll see below.

If you’re looking for a BDM and feel I could be a valuable addition to your team, let’s make time to catch up and talk about your needs and the value I bring to see if we could be a good fit or not.

Patrick Woodcraft Autograph

Patrick Woodcraft
Wholesales Investment Specialist


Closed $13.6m in new business and was the #1 consultant for contracts signed & paid/contracts issued for Australia’s largest residential builder in the most difficult market that industry has ever seen.

I was with a clean energy tech startup where I secured $100,000 in trade credit accounts, closed $80,000 in investment funding and developed a $140,000 sales pipeline from scratch.

Built an online sales and marketing training program, reached 100,000s of business owners through social media, ran and presented 20 live events, enrolled 278 prospects and & closed $85,656 in sales with no backing.

Recruited, trained & managed a team of 30 high-performing sales consultants, personally closed 1,000s of new sales, and collectively generated over $1,600,000 in revenue with a boutique marketing agency all from Bali, Indonesia.



Clients & Employers


Eco Power Market
Synergy Campaigns
InSpiral Agency 2
OneLife International

Sales Consultant

Jul 2021 to Present

As the stimulus grants evaporated, operations slowed to a crawl and construction saw the most challenging conditions on record, in the 21/22 financial year

  • I wrote over $13.5m in new revenue and quickly became the #1 consultant for contracts signed & paid with the largest builder in the country
  • Completed over 30 successful new home sales
  • Generated over 1,000 new leads to the database

Leaving now to step back to wholesale, B2B sales in the financial services industry and bring my love for people, passion for investing and over two decades of experience in sales, marketing and leadership to an Australian fund manager.

Sales Consultant
Simonds Homes
Jan 2021 – Jun 2021

As a rookie to new home sales, with next to no training or support from the over-loaded management team

  • Wrote over $1m in new business
  • Added hundreds of leads to the database
  • Learnt a lot about the business and the industry

I left to seek out a healthier cultural fit and receive better training and support to continue growing my knowledge and network.

Sales Director
Eco Power Market
Jan – Dec 2020

As the pandemic changed the world forever, my partners and I launched a Clean-Energy Tech Startup. Our mission was to lead 1M Global Citizens to be carbon neutral by 2030. In under 12 months, with no capital or resources

  • I created a $140,000 sales pipeline (predominately solar sales)
  • Landed $80,000 in VC and angel investment funding
  • Secured $100,000 in trade credit accounts

The business ultimately folded because it failed to develop a core product with market appeal (ie. I had nothing to sell).

Marketing Mentor
Synergy Campaigns
Brisbane, Toowoomba

Started a boutique events business teaching small business video marketing and social media strategy.

  • Built an online training program & closed $85,656 in sales
  • Reached 100,000’s through social media
  • Ran 20 live events and enrolled 278 prospects

Wrapped up the live events business and moved into the building and construction industry when COVID-19 set in.

Producer & Host
Eco Living Summit
Bali, Lombok & Kanawa

Enrolled and interviewed 20 of Indonesia’s top environmental activists and shared their stories with the world. I Directed Filming & Editing, Wrote & Published Articles, built Websites & Publish Videos.

  • Ran the entire project from inception to completion
  • Enrolled & Interviewed all the guests
  • Published & attracted tens of thousands of views

We made a real difference in a rapidly emerging region with significant challenges.

Sales Manager
Inspiral Sales Agency
2013 to 2017
Bali, Indonesia 

I partnered with John Abbot and developed a sales team to close the leads he generated.

I Developed and refined scripts by making sales calls. Researched, evaluated and setup; CRM, training and communication systems.

  • Generated over US$1,600,000 in sales
  • Closed 1,000’s of new sales
  • Recruited, trained & managed a team of 30 high-performing consultants

We made a significant difference to the business and income of numerous prominent public figures including; Roger Hamilton chair of Entrepreneurs Institute, Tyler Tolman founder of Heal Thy Self, Chris Duncan, CEO of Freedom Fasttrack, Nik Halik CEO of Thrillionaire, Mike Handcock MD of Rock Your Life and many more.

Sales Consultant
Strategic Anarchy

Leela Cosgrove, head marketing consultant, had just 90 days to put 100 people into a 3-day event at $997 each.

  • In just 90 days I put 100 people in a 3-day event at $997 each
  • Made 30 cold calls a day (600/month) for 3 months straight.
  • Also, put 200 people into a $97/month subscription program

We made over $100,000 in ticket sales and a lot more at the event.

Sales Consultant
Onelife International
2010 – 2011
Gold Coast

Roy McDonald is a wealth mentor and strategic planner and self-made millionaire and director of 24 companies including an Accounting Firm, a Financial Planning Company, a Real Estate Business, a Development and Construction Company, a Training Organisation, Investment companies, Trading Companies, a Travel Company, Farming and Cattle Breeding.

  • Promoted and ran dozens of live preview events
  • Followed up with attendees and enrolled 100s of clients
  • Assisted at five, 10-day retreats in the Hunter Valley.

Roy embraced me as a protege and for nearly two years I shadowed him assisting with sales in client meetings and at live events and retreats.


Certificate IV
Business Administration
Sarina Russo Institute
Completed 2014

Certificate III
Business Operations
Sarina Russo Institute
Completed 2001

Want more details… Click here to download my complete CV including references and my early sales career from 1996 to the present. 



Jeremy Britton

Jeremy Britton


Patrick has a Positive Attitude. He is Tenacious, Reliable, Ingenius, Confident and Knowledgable.

It has been a pleasure to know this man for over a decade, and it is inspiring to watch his mastery over his work and home life.

Patrick is a product of his own product. He has the discipline and integrity to get things done the right way.

Michelle Caterson

Michelle Caterson

Eco Power Market

Patrick is a co-founder of Eco Power Market, a cleantech startup on a mission to transition 1 million global citizens to 100% clean and renewable energy.

Since working with Patrick on building this business, I have seen him rise to the challenges we faced, learn, grow and adapt as needed in this intense and fast-paced environment.

Patrick naturally leads and thinks both about the immediate impacts and long-term impacts of the decisions he makes. He is naturally articulate and is passionate in his drive to ensure any sales or marketing is providing long-term value for the target customer along with all the other stakeholders in the company.

Simon McKnight

Simon Mcknight

TPR Media

Patrick and I have worked together on various projects over many years and he has one of the most tenacious attitudes when shooting for sales targets.

I have seen him in deep conversations with all types of people and his interpersonal skills are fantastic.

Savina Simatovic

Savina Simatovic

New Home Advisor
Metricon Home Solutions

Patrick is a master of his craft.

He truly stands out with his incredible wealth of knowledge, technical skills, creative and personalized sales approach, customer engagement and attention to detail.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Patrick for 1 year and have always been impressed by his attitude and star performance in New Home Sales. He is an individual of the highest calibre and I look forward to following his success wherever he may go.

Adrian Pon

Adrian Pon

Gourmet Pet Food Australia

Alan Jolliffe

Alan Jolliffe

Measure Twice

Patrick is a remarkable salesperson who consistently produces outstanding results. His ability to connect with anyone and engage with them is truly remarkable.

I first worked with Patrick in the late ’90s. Since then I have been captivated by his energising personality. Patrick is a smart, capable and innovative thinker. He’s resourceful and deeply committed to producing results for his team and his clients.

Patrick is a pleasure to work with and would be an extremely valuable asset to any company fortunate enough to have his unique genius on their team.

Grace Ng

Dr Grace Ng

Advisory & Investment Mentor
To Scaleups & fast-growth companies

I’ve known Patrick through my work with him at Eco Power Market. He’d never say, but he’s now the QLD and NSW Australian Ninja Games champion in 2020.

This says a lot about him: a rare combination of personable, naturally talented and very focused. Loves to give it a go. Not afraid to pick up the phone and introduce himself, an excellent relationship builder.

Peter O'Donnell

Peter O’Donnell

Gourmet Pet Food Australia

Patrick is a highly skilled Sales Manager. He connects with people authentically and wants them to succeed. This attitude of service is at the core of all his dealings.

I have found him to be a person of integrity, and it is obvious that he works hard and with passion.

Want more details… See these and other public recomendations published on LinkedIn.



Primary Success Drivers

  • Ability to quickly acquire the deep technical knowledge required for success
  • Studied with masters and embodied fundamental sales psychology
  • Work ethic and ability to sustain high output over time and distance

Core Character Attributes

  • Reliable & Responsive
  • Experienced & Knowledgable
  • Invested & Proactive
  • Understanding & Honest

Numerous industries including

  • Financial Services & Lending
  • Clean Energy
  • Professional Services
  • Tech Startups
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing

A broad range of sales scenarios including

  • High Ticket Sales
  • High Volume Sales
  • High Compliance Sales
  • Technical Sales

Various systems & technologies including

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamic
  • Zoho
  • Monday
  • Sugar CRM
  • Feshsales
  • ZenDesk
  • Hubspot
  • Infusionsoft
  • Pipedrive
  • Mailchimp

Demographics & psychographics including

  • Retail B2C
    • Young & Old
    • HNW & retail public
    • Professionals & Laymen
  • Wholesale B2B
    • From Self-Employed Contractors
    • Through to C Suite Executives
  • Startups, Micro Caps & Small Businesses
  • Through to Large Cap Global Corporates
  • Capital Raising – Angel Investors & VCs

Conversion mechanisms including

  • Hard sell (Buy it now – in or out)
  • Soft sell (Build momentum by delaying the ultimate decisions)
  • Upsell, Down Sell, Cross Sell
  • Try Before You Buy
    Payment Plans & Financing Options

Variety of roles including

  • Sales Executive
  • Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager (BDM)
  • Finance Broker
  • Account Manager
  • Territory Manager
  • Sales Representative

Various cultures & languages including

  • South East Asia (3.5 years – Conversational Indonesian)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (3 years – Conversational Swedish)
  • New York, the USA
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba in sunny Queensland
  • And of course, my home town, Brisbane

Sales settings including

  • Remote sales – phone, chat, skype, zoom, teams etc.
  • Live in-person, Meetings & Appointments
  • My office / Your office / Neutral ground (Coffee shop)
  • Retail Showroom Sales
  • Online Sales (Click here to buy now)
  • Platform Sales (Find us on…)
  • Group Presentations
  • Webinars & Online Presentations
  • Selling To Audiences From Stage At Seminars & Events

Lead-generation Strategies including

  • Prospecting & Cold Calling
  • Appointment Setting
  • Networking & Referrals
  • Trade Shows & Industry Events
  • Traditional Media Ad Placement
  • Social Media Content Marketing
  • Banner Ads
  • Long Copy Sales Letters
  • Direct Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Basic Web Development, SEO &
  • PPC Ad Campaigns
  • Even my fair share of Door Knocking (back in the day)

A long-term value investor with a love of every aspect of investing

  • Studying Strategy (Diversification, Asset allocation, Portfolio Rebalancing etc. )
  • Dissecting Markets (Small/Mid/Large Cap, Frontier/Emerging/Developing etc.)
  • Researching Funds (Actively managed vs passive index funds etc.)
  • Finding Undervalued Assets (Using Fundamental & Technical Analysis)
  • Backing my decisions with my own money
  • Reinvesting my wins and learning from my mistakes




From the late 90s, building a career based on outcomes and an income based on sales commissions, you learn pretty fast how to get results… or you starve! 

Qualifying, pitching and closing are like breathing for me. What I’ve learned is that, when it comes to marketing and sales, there are only two factors that really matter…


On the phone and in face-to-face appointments, I crushed it. Then, as the world changed and the digital revolution took hold, I recognised the opportunity to achieve disproportionate results by implementing highly leveraged lead generation and conversion strategies. 

For a full decade from 2010, I focused on the strategies that produce the biggest bang for the buck… Event Promotion, Video Production and Social Media Marketing. I also learnt how to build high-performing teams and run highly profitable campaigns. 

From there I started sharing what I’d learnt. I reached hundreds of business owners through my live events and thousands more online. I showed them how to implement these powerful strategies to achieve disproportionate results in their own businesses.

Post COVID, I’ve noticed the pendulum swinging back the other way. Highly leveraged, online strategies are not delivering the results they once did and the costs are higher than ever. Prospects are craving genuine connection, meaningful relationships and real people they can trust. Phone calls and face-to-face appointments have made a strong comeback and I believe will continue to produce stronger ROIs than digital tactics for the foreseeable future. 

Anticipating this trend, in 2020 I went back to commission sales in the building and construction industry. I personally closed over $13.5m in new revenue in the 21-22 financial year and I quickly became the #1 consultant by contracts signed and paid, with the #1 residential builder in Australia. 

Now, content with my 3-year retail construction experience, I’m moving back to wholesale, B2B sales and bringing my love for people, passion for investing and over two decades of experience in sales, marketing and leadership to a leading Australian fund manager. 



Early Life

On my fifth birthday, I remember an auntie asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up… Without hesitation, I shot back, “I’m going to be a businessman!”

I have no idea where that came from – perhaps stories of the wealth and power of media tycoon, Kerry Packer or business magnate Rupert Murdoch. Maybe it was a family friend, Mr Rylance who had a mansion in north Brisbane. I knew they were rich because my friend (his son) had a racing car bed and when I had sleepovers, we got to watch Transformers and eat Fruit Loops on Saturday mornings! Maybe it was because my mum and dad told me we couldn’t afford the remote control car I desperately wanted. Or maybe it was destiny.

Whatever it was, my desire to be in business, do deals, accumulate assets and build wealth is as strong today at 43 years old as it was at 5 years old.

In high school when my mates were looking for jobs at our local Hungry Jacks and KFC for pocket money I had already had a paper run for years and was selling my neighbours my lawn mowing and dog washing services. When I wasn’t working I was playing the piano, running bible studies or at the skate park, shredding on my rollerblades and BMX.

My real education started when I left school and got into sales. I left high school as soon as I could and entered full-time sales at age 16. I loved sales and I’ve sought out and been blessed with many great coaches, mentors and guides along the way. 

John C Maxwell, Og Mandino, Brad Sugars, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner, Wayne Berry, Wayne Dyer, Roy McDonald, George S Clason, Gulliver Giles, Roger Hamilton, Paul Dunn, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jordan Belfort, Mike Weinberg and many, many more.

Family Life

Opportunities moved me to Sydney then to Melbourne then eventually back to Brisbane where I was worked as an accredited mortgage broker before heading off around the world. LA, New York, Dublin, London, Paris, Zurich and eventually Stockholm where in 2006 I met a beautiful Swedish woman, Minna, who is still the love and joy of my life today. (It’s been said that Minna is the greatest proof of my ability to close high-stakes sales!

After a Christmas holiday in Australia together, we went back to Scandinavia and started our family together. Our identical twin girls’ Laura and Katya were born in October 2007. While the girls were young, mum and dad came to visit and we got to explore Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Nederlands and Spain. I still remember when Facebook’s initial international expansion found us we were living up in the mountains in the middle of Norway!

After the twin’s first birthday, we moved to the Gold Coast to enjoy some much-needed sunshine. Our little man, Jack came along in December 2009. Then in January 2014, we moved again, this time to Bali. Apparently, the Gold Coast wasn’t sunny enough for us!

We had a remarkable three and a half years based in Indonesia with regular trips to Singapore. We built an amazing life for ourselves with a mix of challenging but rewarding business, yoga, meditation, beach resort lifestyle and too many adopted street dogs to count! We met so many wonderful people and made many beautiful life-long friendships. By the middle of 2017, it was time to come back home to Brisbane. 

Personal Life

I felt I’d come full circle, back to where it all began. But I wasn’t who I was back then. I’ve grown and matured. 

Living in such diverse climates and cultures has taught me tolerance and appreciation and conditioned me to be calm in the face of uncomfortable change. Above all, it’s given me a deep appreciation for how blessed we are to call Australia home. It’s certainly not perfect – as my old mentor used to say, “the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.” – but it is truly wonderful.

Through it all, I’ve looked after my body by eating and sleeping well and staying active. Mountain biking and weight training have kept me fit and strong and I’ve been blessed with great health. 

At 43 years young I feel like I have the energy and vitality of a man half my age. I’m primed with passion and purpose for the next chapter of my life.

Brisbane is home for us now. It will be 2028 before the kids have all finished school and probably off to uni, so we’re certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.



Talk soon,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m looking forward to connecting with you to understand your needs and discover how I can serve you best. 

Talk soon,

Thanks for reaching out. I’m looking forward to connecting with you to understand your needs and discover how I can serve you best. 


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