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FY23 Survey Report

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Survey Report

Here are the results of our annual survey that reveals the top 10 frustrations Brisbane CFPs have with investment fund managers. Their frustrations range from a lack of experience and expertise to poor performance and high fees. However, despite these challenges, CFPs are still seeking to partner with fund managers who can deliver value, transparency, and strong long-term returns for their clients.


What CFPs Want From Fund Managers

CFPs are looking for experienced and stable investment managers who have a proven track record of generating strong returns for their clients. They want managers who are ambitious and focused on performing well, but who are also ethical and responsible in their approach to investing. CFPs value simplicity and transparency, and they want to work with fund managers who have a clear and concise investment strategy that aligns with their client’s needs.

Fund managers who can offer a fresh perspective and demonstrate that they have “skin in the game” are also highly valued by CFPs. This means that they are willing to take risks and make bold investment decisions that are aligned with their client’s goals. CFPs are also looking for fund managers who can respond quickly to changes in the market and who are committed to providing clarity and communication to their clients.


How Fund Managers Can Improve

To better serve CFPs and their clients, fund managers need to focus on delivering value, transparency, and strong long-term returns. They should strive to be competent and expert in their field, with a stable management team that has a deep understanding of their investment strategy. They should offer simple and easy-to-understand investment narratives that are relevant to their client’s needs.

Fund managers should also prioritize diversification to suit their clients’ target asset allocation and offer a competitive fee structure that reflects their performance. They should be responsive to market movements and demonstrate a long-term focus that emphasizes responsible and ethical investing.


In summary, CFPs want to partner with fund managers who have the experience, expertise, and focus to deliver strong returns and long-term value for their clients. Fund managers who can provide transparency, simplicity, and clarity in their investment strategy, and who are committed to responsible and ethical investing, will be best positioned to succeed in this highly competitive market.

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