#19. Steven Cohen

Hedge Fund Legend

Steven Cohen

Steven Cohen is a name that has become synonymous with the hedge fund industry.

He is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world, having built a fortune of over $20 billion. Cohen’s investment strategy is unique and has led him to be one of the most successful investors of his time. In this article, we will delve into the strategies and principles that have led to Cohen’s success and examine some of his most famous deals. We will also explore some little-known trivia about him and his investment philosophy.



Cohen’s Investment Strategy Cohen’s investment strategy is based on a combination of fundamental analysis and quantitative analysis. He employs a team of analysts to evaluate the fundamentals of companies, such as their financial statements, management teams, and competitive position. He also uses quantitative analysis to identify patterns in market data and develop trading strategies.

One of the key principles that have led to Cohen’s success is his ability to stay disciplined and avoid emotional trading. He is known for his ability to maintain a long-term view on his investments, even in the face of short-term volatility. Cohen’s approach is based on a deep understanding of the companies he invests in, and he is willing to wait for his investments to pay off.

Another key aspect of Cohen’s investment strategy is his focus on risk management. He is known for his rigorous risk management processes, which are designed to protect his investors’ capital. Cohen is a strong believer in diversification and employs a range of strategies to manage risk, such as using options and other derivatives.


Famous Deals

Cohen’s investment career spans several decades, and he has been involved in many famous deals over the years. One of his most famous deals was his investment in biotech firm Biogen. In 1997, Cohen’s firm, SAC Capital, purchased a significant stake in Biogen when the company was struggling. Over the following years, Biogen’s fortunes turned around, and its stock price soared, delivering a substantial return for Cohen’s investors.

Another famous deal that Cohen was involved in was his investment in Internet infrastructure company Level 3 Communications. In the late 1990s, Cohen recognized the potential of the internet and invested heavily in companies that were building the infrastructure needed to support it. Level 3 Communications was one such company, and Cohen’s investment paid off handsomely when the company’s stock price soared during the dot-com boom.



Cohen’s Famous Quotes Cohen is known for his pithy quotes that encapsulate his investment philosophy. 

“If you have a very well-balanced portfolio, you will do well over time. If you try to outguess the market and you don’t have a good batting average, you’ll get killed.”

“You need to have the ability to identify themes and trends that will continue for a long time. That’s one of the keys to investing.”

“The way you make money is to identify a long-term trend and invest in that trend early.”


Little-Known Trivia

Despite his immense wealth and success, Cohen is known for his low-key lifestyle. He is an avid art collector and has an extensive collection of contemporary art, including works by artists such as Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. Cohen is also a philanthropist and has donated significant sums to a range of causes, including education, healthcare, and the arts.

Another little-known fact about Cohen is that he has faced several legal challenges over the years. In 2013, his firm, SAC Capital, pleaded guilty to insider trading charges and paid a record $1.8 billion fine. While the legal challenges have undoubtedly been a setback for Cohen, he still makes my list of the most successful investors in the world.



Steven Cohen’s investment strategies and principles have made him one of the most successful investors of his time. His unique approach, which combines fundamental analysis and quantitative analysis, has allowed him to identify profitable investments and manage risk effectively. Cohen’s focus on disciplined and long-term investing, as well as his willingness to take calculated risks, have also contributed to his success. His famous quotes highlight the importance of fundamental analysis, risk management, and taking calculated risks. Despite facing legal challenges, Cohen’s reputation as a successful investor remains strong. His low-key lifestyle, philanthropy, and love of contemporary art add a further dimension to the man behind the hedge fund legend.

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