Major Investment Management Companies

In Australia

Investment Managemernt Companies in Australia

Lately, I’ve been looking into investment management companies in Australia. In this article, I’ve divided the major players into two lists… Publically Traded and Privately Held Investment Management Companies. 


Companies not included on this list

You may notice some big names not on the list. I’ve purposely left out many large companies that could qualify to be on this list as I’m focusing exclusively on Australian Investment Management Companies. Obviously, this immediately excluded any company not found in the ASIC registry. 

Beyond that, I’ve also excluded companies whose core business is outside Investment Management. This includes many large institutions including Banks, Super Funds, Insurance Companies, Money Lenders, and Property Developers. I’ve also excluded Trustees, Consultants, Financial Advisors, Industry Bodies etc.


Definitions I use

A fund manager is an individual or a team of individuals who are responsible for managing an investment fund. They make decisions about which securities to buy and sell, and they monitor the performance of the fund. Fund managers are typically employed by investment management companies, but they can also be self-employed.

An investment management company (IMC) is a financial services firm that provides investment management services to clients. IMCs manage a variety of investment funds, including mutual funds, hedge funds, and private equity funds. They also provide investment advice to individual and institutional investors.

A flagship fund is a fund that is considered to be the most important or representative of a particular investment company. Flagship funds are typically the oldest, largest, or most successful funds offered by a company. They are often used to showcase the company’s investment philosophy and track record.


The List

This has been a challenging and rewarding process. While it’s far from comprehensive, I trust you will find it valuable. 

Publically Listed Investment Companies

Company NameMarket CapACNBased inFounded in
Keybridge Capital Ltd$9,330,000,000088 267 190Melbourne1999
Colonial First State Investments Limited$4,180,000,000002 348 352Sydney1982
AMP Capital Investors Limited$3,310,000,000001 777 591Sydney1979
Perpetual Limited$2,710,000,000000 431 827Sydney1963
PM Capital Limited$1,990,000,000083 644 731Sydney1998
Pendal Group Limited$1,950,000,000126 385 822Sydney2007
Insignia Financial Ltd$1,940,000,000100 103 722Docklands2002
Pinnacle Investment Management Group Ltd$1,799,340,000100 325 184Brisbane2002
Magellan Asset Management Limited$1,620,000,000120 593 946Sydney2006
Pinnacle Investment Management Limited$1,610,000,000109 659 109Brisbane2004
Magellan Financial Group Ltd$1,456,900,000108 437 592Sydney2004
Magellan Financial Group Limited$1,450,000,000108 437 592Sydney2004
Platinum Asset Management Ltd$1,023,750,000050 064 287Sydney1990
Carlton Investments Ltd$898,820,000000 020 262Sydney1928
Ma Financial Group Ltd$843,840,000142 008 428Sydney2010
Regal Partners Limited$827,670,000129 188 450Sydney2008
EQT Holdings Ltd$710,110,000607 797 615Melbourne2015
PM Capital Global Opportunities Fund Limited$708,770,000166 064 875Sydney2013
Pacific Current Group Ltd$371,330,000006 708 792Melbourne1987
Australian Ethical Investment Ltd$369,920,000003 188 930Sydney1986
Clearview Wealth Limited$330,510,000106 248 248Sydney2003
Bell Financial Group Limited$303,100,000083 194 763Melbourne1998
Navigator Global Investments Ltd$249,830,000101 585 737Brisbane2002
Qv Equities Ltd$231,000,000169 154 858Sydney2014
CVC Ltd$228,390,000002 700 361Sydney1984
Elanor Investors Group Enn$208,300,000169 308 187Sydney2014
Euroz Hartleys Group Ltd$190,670,000000 364 465Perth1961
Fiducian Group Limited$185,720,000602 423 610Sydney2014
360 Capital Group Tgp$178,400,000113 569 136Sydney2005
Gowing Brothers Ltd$143,940,000638 812 996Kogarah2020
Pengana Capital Group Ltd$140,150,000059 300 426Sydney1993
Pengana Capital Group Limited$140,140,000059 300 426Sydney1993
Clime Capital Ltd Hybrid Security$117,780,000106 282 777Sydney2003
E&P Financial Group Ltd Ordinary Shares EP1$95,070,000609 913 457Sydney2015
Microequities Asset Management Group Limited$75,920,000110 777 056Sydney2004
Hancock & Gore Ltd$68,740,000009 657 961Sydney1904
Auctus Investment Group Ltd$60,510,000149 278 759Melbourne2011
Teaminvest Private Group Limited$58,370,000629 045 736Pymble2018
NAOS Emerging Opportunities Company Limitied$56,170,000161 106 510Sydney2012
Strategic Elements Ltd$55,870,000122 437 503Subiaco2006
Prime Financial Group Limited$48,260,000009 487 674Southbank1965
Centrepoint Alliance Ltd$43,310,000052 507 507Sydney1991
Blackwall Ltd$38,810,000146 935 131Neutral Bay2010
Income Asset Management Group Ltd$36,400,000010 653 862Sydney1986
NAOS Ex-50 Opportunities Company Limited$36,200,000169 448 837Sydney2014
Diverger Limited$32,960,000111 695 357Sydney2004
Clime Investment Management Ltd$30,800,000067 185 899Sydney1994
Wt Financial Group Ltd$27,110,000169 037 058Sydney2014
BHP Energy Ltd BHP$23,700,000095 912 002Stirling2001
A1 Investments & Resources Ltd$20,530,000109 330 949Sydney2004
London City Equities Ltd$18,780,000003 200 664The Rocks1986
K2 Asset Management Holdings Ltd$13,260,000124 636 782Melbourne2007
Associate Global Partners Limited$12,100,000080 277 998Sydney1997
Keybridge Capital Ltd$9,330,000088 267 190Melbourne1999
Arc Funds Ltd$7,670,000001 746 710Melbourne1979
Alterra Ltd$7,660,000129 035 221Perth2008
Mariner Corp Ltd$1,490,000002 989 782Sydney1985
Imperial Pacific Ltd$750,000000 144 561The Rocks1954

Privately Held Investment Companies

Company NameACNBased inFounded in
Abrdn Australia Ltd002 123 364Sydney1981
Allan Gray Australia Pty Ltd112 316 168Sydney2004
Alliancebernstein Investment Management Australia Limited007 212 606Sydney1989
Ausbil Investment Management Limited076 316 473Sydney1996
Australian Corporate Bond Company Limited (xtb)169 442 657Sydney2014
Australian Unity Limited087 648 888Sydney1993
Bell Asset Management Limited092 278 647Melbourne2000
Bennelong Funds Management Ltd111 214 085Melbourne2004
Betashares Capital Ltd139 566 868Sydney2009
Blackrock Investment Management (australia) Limited006 165 975Sydney1983
BT Financial Group Pty Limited087 480 331Sydney1999
Capital Group Investment Management Limited164 174 501Sydney2013
Challenger Limited106 842 371Sydney2003
Coolabah Capital Investments (retail) Pty Limited153 555 867Bondi Junction2011
Elstree Investment Management Limited079 036 810Melbourne1997
Fairview Equity Partners Pty Ltd131 426 938Melbourne2008
Fil Investment Management (australia) Limited (Fidelity)006 773 575Sydney1987
First Sentier Investors (australia) Services Pty Limited624 305 595Barangaroo2018
Franklin Templeton Australia Limited004 835 849Melbourne1970
Global X Management (aus) Limited150 433 828Sydney2011
Goldman Sachs Australia Pty Ltd006 797 897Melbourne1987
Gsfm Pty Limited125 715 004Sydney2007
Hyperion Asset Management Limited080 135 897Brisbane1997
Innova Asset Management Pty. Ltd.141 597 104Sydney2010
Janus Henderson Investors (australia) Limited124 279 518Sydney2007
Jpmorgan Asset Management (australia) Limited143 832 080Sydney2010
Kapstream Capital Pty Limited122 076 117Sydney2006
La Trobe Financial Services Pty Limited006 479 527Melbourne1985
Listedreserve Pty Limited624 133 133Sydney2018
Ma Asset Management142 008 535Sydney2010
Macquarie Investment Management Ltd002 867 003Sydney1984
Markuan Management Pty Ltd169 711 415Sydney2014
Mercer (australia) Pty Ltd005 315 917Docklands1977
Mfs International Australia Pty Ltd607 579 537Sydney2015
Natixis Investment Managers Australia Pty Limited088 786 289Sydney1999
Ninety One Australia Pty Limited131 940 451Sydney2008
Perennial Value Management Limited090 879 904Sydney1999
Pimco Australia Management Limited611 709 507Sydney2016
Principal Global Investors (australia) Limited102 488 068Sydney2002
Qic Limited130 539 123Brisbane2008
Ram Essential Services Property Fund653 395 610Sydney2021
Real Asset Management Pty Ltd162 123 408Sydney2013
Russell Investment Group Pty Ltd003 066 859Sydney1983
Schroder Investment Management Australia Limited000 443 274Sydney1963
State Street Global Advisors, Australia Services Limited108 671 441Sydney2004
T. Rowe Price Australia Limited620 668 895Sydney2017
Talaria Asset Management Pty Ltd130 534 342Melbourne2008
Ubs Asset Management (australia) Ltd003 146 290Sydney1986
Vaneck Investments Limited146 596 116Sydney2010
Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd621 577 124Bondi Junction2017
Wellington Management Australia Pty Ltd167 091 090Sydney2014
Yarra Capital Management Limited003 376 252Melbourne1987
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